Why Choose Qrvey Express for Business Analytics

Qrvey Express offers an easy-to-use business analytics solution that can scale to your entire business.

Why Teams Choose Qrvey Express for Business Analytics

Unlimited Users

Scale business analytics to your entire organization or start small and grow over time. With unlimited users, you won’t be held back by user-license fees that prohibit everyone from becoming data-driven.

Deployed to Your Cloud

It’s deployed to your cloud or on-prem environment so your data stays in your cloud. It inherits your security policies and complies with GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA and more.

Unlimited Deployments

If your organization uses a multi-cloud strategy, you can simply deploy Qrvey Express within your container management solution in multiple locations including private cloud environments such as AWS GovCloud.

Unlimited Dashboards

There’s no limit to the analysis that your teams can perform. Teams can have their own spaces complete with their own data connections and dashboards.

Business Analytics Examples

Unlock Your Data

Scalable business analytics.

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